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Coffee Shop


Our cafeteria enjoys a privileged view of the city (crimson roofs of tiles, cornices and domes of churches) and surroundings (Santa Ana's arch, San Cristóbal's Church, Sacsayhuaman, The white Christ and the imposing Apu Ausangate) where our guests not only enjoy this wonderful view if not also the delicious and abundant American breakfast.



We have an area, with four PC's with service of speedy for the exclusive use of our guests that it will allow to be connected to the world without necessity of leaving the heat of our inn.


CafeteriaWe also have a central yard where we already offer the traditional mate of Coca (coca tea) of Welcome during the 24 hours. This central yard with glass roof is welcoming, illuminated and wide, this allows in special occasions to condition it for some event like a Chat, work meeting, confers etc.

Additional services: Teatro Inka Inn worries about all the details that our guests can need then we offer the following services:

Laundry : Clean clothes, dries off in one hour.

Transport: Transfers of the airport and places of the city with responsible and trustful drivers.

Doctors: We hope this service wouldn't be necessary for for emergencies you'd be assisted by one of the best professionals in the city.

Mail: You will be able to leave your correspondence in the mailbox installed by the mail national office that will deliver your correspondence.

Currency Change: Total guarantee and security at the exchanging time. We make the currency change to the best exchange rate.


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