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The territories of Cusco are under the influence macro-climate of large air masses from the south eastern jungle, the Altiplano, and even the distant region of Patagonia. The winds of the southern jungle involve huge masses of air laden with moisture, which are driven by trade winds from the east.

The winds coming from the Peruvian Bolivian Altiplano are rather cold and dry, like those from Patagonia and which generally involve larger-scale events. Those entering by the south east.

On the other hand, local winds are generated in the valleys and plains of Cusco have the function to distribute heat and humidity throughout the day.

In general there are two seasons: rainy season from November to March and the dry season from April to October.

Types of climate

Warm weather (wet and dry)

They correspond to the lowland areas, both north into the lower Urubamba, as the eastern department at the entrance to the valleys and Pillcopata Araza.
o Precipitation: More than 1.000 mm. per year.
o Temperatures: Maximum: Around 30°
o Medium: Between 23° and 25°
o Minimum: Around 20 °

The hot and dry climates, however, occur in the Yungas casualties appearing in the form of cannons in the Apurimac River basin, the centre and southwest of the department.
o Precipitation: Less than 500 mm. a year.
o Temperatures: Maximum: Up to 32°
o Medium: Between 17 ° and 18 °
o Minimum: Up 4.4 °

Temperate (wet and dry)

Climates of the valleys that dominate the central territory of Cusco, where the difference in moisture is marked by the location in the spring. In other words, proximity to the east means more humidity, while the proximity to the West involves more dryness. The temperate zones are of vital importance for the settlement of stocks.
o Temperatures: Maximum: Up to 29°
o Medium: Between 11º and 16°
o Minimum: Between 7º and -4 °

Cold (wet and dry)

There are mainly in the high valleys, in Pune and in the regions surrounding glaciers, ie in areas that are above the 3800 meters
o Temperatures: Maximum: Up to 10°
o Median: They vary according to altitude
o Minimum: Under the 0°

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