What not to do

  • Do not take tap water. Take only bottled water.
  • Do not eat salads, eat fruits and vegetables that can be peeled.
  • Do not eat dairy products unless they have been pasteurized.
  • Never touch animals like monkeys, cats and dogs to prevent diseases such as rabies.
  • Do not swim in rivers, lakes or ponds, the sea is better. First ask how
    Sure there is a dip as some beaches are polluted


You do not need any vaccine to enter the country. However, there are some vaccines that are recommended, such as cholera, hepatitis A, tetanus, Typhoid Fever and Yellow. Many of them are recommended if you are going to spend time in the jungle. Malaria is common in the Amazon. Visit your doctor six weeks in advance of the trip because some vaccines take a while to take effect.


You are advised to take a travel insurance before leaving home. Sometimes hospitals and clinics demanding the payment in cash, keep your receipts for then-reimbursement. Thinking of doing adventure sports such as canoeing, motocross, paragliding, among others, ask whether the insurance covers those activities.


Cliníca Pardo
Av. De La Cultura 710 Wanchaq
(084) 24-0387

Cliníca Cusco
Av. Micaela Bastidas 625 Wanchaq
(084) 24-0645

Hospital Regional
Av. De la Cultura

Hospital Antonio Lorena
Plazoleta Belén 1358 Santiago
(084) 22-6511

Hospital Nacional Manuel Nuñez Butron
Av. El Sol 1022
Tel: (054) 36-9286/35-1021/35-2931
Atención: 24 horas

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