Urban Transport :

Are minibuses and combis who move within the city,

The passage is:
Adult: 0.60 centimos
East and University: 0.40 centimos
School: 0.30 centimos

Intercity buses :

Minibuses that are moving long distances for a minimum time of 30 min. Also leading to the various tourist centres like; Sacsayhuaman, Tambomachay, and throughout the Sacred Valley.

The minibuses have a capacity of 20 to 40 passengers. Tickets vary depending on the distance.


In Cusco, Peru responsible for the rail system is the Company PERURAIL There are two routes in the country, the most commonly used and tourism is the Cusco Machu Picchuy the South, which connects Arequipa to Juliaca, Puno and Cuzco.

Taxis in Peru

It is recommended to use taxis to move within cities.
In the city of Cusco exist radio taxi companies, which offer a more secure, they can pick it up at the place and time of their choice, but the rates are a little higher.
A career within the city on the day of 2.00 soles and the nights of 3.00 soles.

Perú Road Map

Perú Road Map

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