The Dakar arrives in Peru, wild route

Tournament is the world's most famous car, and after the Olympics and World Cup, the most watched on television. On Thursday, the 2012 Dakar Rally arrives in Peru. A convoy of more than 400 cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs from Argentina and Chile that will cross the deserts of southern dodging mountains, deserts and cliffs, facing thirst, the climate and the unknown.

By Oscar Miranda (The Republic Peru)

The morning of Thursday 12, when darkness still let you see the stars, over 200 motorcycles and ATVs from Arica cross Peruvian-Chilean border and the sea bet Tacna.The place you will receive is called Boca del Rio and is the southernmost resort in Peru.As the bikes arrive, and do a few hours after as many cars and trucks, in Boca del Rio will be writing a new chapter in the history of national sport. For the first time, our country will host the competition's most popular motorized world. And it all started there, near the mouth of the river Sama, where the sands are white and hard and the water calm like dolphins.

On Thursday, Peru will become the country's number 27 on natural landscapes give the Dakar Rally. This is one of the biggest sporting event of the year, followed by television in 190 countries, only surpassed in number of viewers for the Olympics and World Cup. In any event involving both car drivers and Dakar Rally: In this edition there are 466 registered vehicles, most cars (170) and motorcycles (190) but also trucks (76) and four-wheelers or squads (25). In the world of rallying, is one of the hardest. Only the tough and bold pilots dare to drive on their routes, chosen among those that meet the most extreme natural conditions.

The claw Peru

The so-called Inca Force consists of 19 Peruvian pilots, distributed in 11 teams, who, without the millionaire budget of its competitors, have been demonstrating since Mar del Plata strength of spirit and courage to face the desert. One of the most experienced is John Dibós, who, aboard his Toyota FJ Cruiser, with co-driver Gustavo Medina, overcame an upset in the fourth stage and continued with vigor, on the road. Weber and Alonso Diego Carrillo, Team Hard 4x4, faced a whole morning in the desert of San Juan, because of a malfunction, but recovered, and continued to finish the stage, convinced that arrive to Lima.

Reach the stars

Peruvian sands receive some of the biggest stars of world rallying. The Prince's most charismatic Nasser Al Attiyah (41), member of the Qatar royal, winner of last year's Dakar Rally. On Wednesday, before arriving in San Rafael, stopped his Hummer to take a photo with some fans who waited in the road and even gave one of them his sunglasses. In 2010, a child gave him a tour of Iquique with expenses paid to know your country. All love him.

It also comes Frenchman Stephane Peterhansel (46), the driver with Dakar as many wins (six bikes and three cars). At press time, leading the overall standings in cars. The star is the Spanish rider Marc Coma, who had been disputing with the current leadership in its category with his French teammate Cyril Despres.

Parade in the enclosure

On Sunday 15, once they reach the goal, in Asia, the vehicles will enter the center of Lima along the Pan American Highway South Expressway Javier Prado. The public can see them marching through the streets Paseo Colón, Garcilaso de la Vega and Tacna to the Plaza de Armas, which will host the awards. The machines will spend the night at the Paseo de los Heroes Navy.


190 countries will see on television the Dakar Rally 2012.

466 vehicles were registered in this year's version. Most are motorcycles (190) and cars (170).


500 000 spectators will witness the race from Tacna to Lima, as calculated by the Mincetur.

2300 journalists from 25 countries have been accredited to cover the competition.

20 years is the youngest driver, Argentine Lucas Bonetto.



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