3,600 students in Trujillo, Peru to protect tourist sites

A total of 3,640 students from different schools and institutes in the province of Trujillo, La Libertad, will be trained in tourism awareness, ensuring their commitment to the protection of regional and national attractions.

Angelica Villanueva Guerrero, regional tourism deputy, stated that between April and June, fourth and fifth year students had been trained across 40 high schools in the city.

According to the report in Andina, Guerrero said that training would be divided into phases. In the first, the students would receive training that emphasized the importance of tourism, explaining the main attractions in the city and raising awareness of environmental conservation.

Then, she said, students would visit the main attractions in the city, including the Temples of the Sun and the Moon, the Chan Chan archeological zone, as well as old colonial houses and churches in the city.

The last stage of training, will involve the creation of a tourism club, which would be in charge of continuing the work done.


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