Magdalena de Cao Villagers were pleased with Nat Geo documentary

The municipal authority will invite entrepreneurs to invest in the construction of tourism infrastructure.

Freedom. The residents of the district of Magdalena de Cao, in La Libertad, were happy and pleased with the documentary of the enigmatic Lady of Cao and forwarded National Geographic, held that district mayor, Segundo Diaz Aquino.

"Now we are in the eyes of the world thanks to the excellent work culture that produced the foundation Wiese and Explora Films, and the thousands of viewers who have National Geographic," he noted.

The documentary on the "Lady of Tattoos", story of a young priestess who ruled Mochica culture variso centuries ago, would have had an audience of 140 million people worldwide.

The local authority said it was great to see the interest crystallized in National Geographic one of the greatest tourist attractions of La Libertad, which will be reflected in the increase in visits by tourists.

He noted that thanks to a tourist positioning plans to invest in the construction of terminals and viewpoints in huacas Rajada and Prieta and improve access roads to archaeological sites.


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