Pisco sour, Peru's national cocktail

Lima, Oct. 02 (ANDINA). Ask any Peruvian what's his or her favorite drink. Now, ask the same question to a tourist visiting our city. There is no doubt the answer would be the same: pisco sour.

Pisco sour, Peru
Pisco sour, Peru's national cocktail. Photo:ANDINA/Jack Ramon.
Rumor has it that pisco sour conquered the palates of a tough actor and a beautiful
diva during their visits to the City of Kings around the middle of the last century. 

The legendary John Wayne and the desired Ava Gardner are just two of the visitors who
gave in to the Peruvian cocktail.

The pisco sour experience is unique. Those who have tasted it have several explanations
about the allure of the drink. Romantics say the smell is very seductive. Others, more
thoughtful, believe its attraction lies on the exquisite combination of lemon, simple
syrup and pisco. 

The bohemian ones, however, suggest that the ambience and good
company play a key role. Most people do not look for reasons.

The origin of pisco sour has been the subject of detailed and comprehensive research.

The most accepted version suggests that the drink was created at the Morris bar, opened
in 1916 by Victor Morris on Boza street, the present day Jirón de la Union. At that time,
the cocktail was served in the Maury and Bolivar hotels.

From there on, the drink recipe remained intact, to the delight of Peruvians and friends
in the world.

A ministerial resolution brought in on 22nd April 2004 decreed that the first Saturday
of February of each year was to be celebrated as Pisco Sour day across the country. In
2007, the National Institute of Culture (INC) declared the pisco sour National Cultural

Since it couldn't be any other way, the main ingredient of this cocktail, the pisco is
also a source of pride for Peruvians. Its origin is located in the town of Pisco, in Ica
region, south of Lima. 

All Peruvian embassies in the world should organize their
business meetings with this liquor. So, as part of their protocol, they do not invite the
traditional "wine of honor" but the Peruvian "pisco of honor".

In any case, it is not necessary to be a movie star or a diplomat to indulge the senses
with a delicious pisco sour.

Do it yourself:
3 ounces of pisco
1 ounce of lime juice
1 ounce of simple syrup
1 egg white
6 ice cubes
1 drop of Angostura bitters (just to decorate the drink)

Preparation: Put pisco, lemon and simple syrup into a shaker or a blender for one
minute. Add the egg white at the end, and then blend the cocktail for five more seconds.
Important: Connoisseurs suggest using pisco acholado.


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