Nearly 4000 tourists have traveled to the Central Railway this year

The train travels the route Lima-Huancayo (Junín) and is the second highest in the world and the first American, Ferrocarril Central Andino reported.

Huancayo. Of all travelers, 67% are domestic tourists and 33% foreign. In total, the Central Railway has made 11 trips so far in 2012.

In most foreign travelers from Germany, followed by the French, U.S. and Latin America. The train has regular departures during the months of April and November, carrying some 350 tourists per trip.

By 22 September the twelfth tour plans. The train will leave the station Homeless located behind the Government Palace in Lima Center, will return on September 24 from Central Station Huancayo.

The trip is an experience of 332 km route through the valley of the Mantaro and the Andes, through 69 tunnels, 58 bridges and six zig zags.

The railway between Lima and Huancayo is one of the most important engineering works of the country, and highlights the Infiernillo bridge at 3,300 meters above sea level and the entrance to the tunnel Galera at 4.781 meters of altitude.


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