Longest raft race in the world attracts the attention of foreign

Some 20 foreign teams, most of the U.S., have registered so far for the 14th edition of the longest raft race in the world.

Amazon. This event will be held this month in the Amazon River. Nelson Castillo, director of the event, told Andina news agency that the total 15 are American and the rest are English and Canadian teams.

"Each team competing in rafts consists of four people. I believe that the increased presence of Americans is due to the crisis affecting Europe and the wide dissemination of the competition is doing, "he said.

As national groups, numbering about 24 at the moment, said that most of it comes from Loreto, between private and public institutions. The deadline for submissions is September 15.

The race, which will include about 190 kilometers, is divided into two categories: domestic and foreign.


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