Pasco: develop geotourism walk to Stone Forest Huayllay

The place is a tourist attraction in the region by the meeting of more than 4,000 giant rock formations that resemble human profiles.

Pasco. The area has been declared a national shrine and is one of the most attractive places in the mountains of Pasco, said the head of the Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Rodolfo Rojas Villanueva.

He told Andina news agency that the walk will last about six hours and involve a dozen stops within the sanctuary, so that the public can learn the zone located 4.310 meters of altitude above sea level.

"Visitors can observe current geological processes and what happened during the existence of planet Earth in this part of Peru. Find fossils, gravitational landscapes, river and glaciers, among others, "he said.

The tour will be described by geologist Bilberto Zavala, Geoparks project leader of Institute of Geology, Mining and Metallurgy, and Philip James, community tourism consultant and specialist in the Inca Trail.

Near the forest is Huayllay termomedicinales springs of La Calera, Goshpi and Yanahuato, and the archaeological remains of Bombomarca.


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