Tacna launches new international tourist card discounts

The city, located on the border with Chile, will have a special discount card for tourists coming from that country.

Tacna. This was announced by the President of the Regional Chamber of Tourism of Tacna, David Rendon, who explained that the initiative, promoted by a Chilean company in coordination with peers tacneños, is implemented under the large influx of visitors from the Southern country.

"In recent years, reaching an estimated one million Chileans across the border, of which 30% are tourists who stay in Tacna, but in reality they are all part of tourism," he said.

He noted that through the card can get discounts of up to 10% on tickets, travel, lodging, restaurants and medical services such as dentistry and ophthalmology.

The cost of each card is $ 10 and can be purchased at various points in Tacna. "Even, several travel agencies for free delivery in tour packages that offer," he said.

He stressed that similar benefits can be obtained visiting the Peruvian Arica, then there also has the card. There, to date, about 500 cards have already been acquired. This card can also be used in La Paz, Bolivia.


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