At midday, the image of the Lord of Miracles procession makes its f

Lima, in October. 06 (ANDINA). The venerated image of the Lord of Miracles procession held today its first year, from 12.00 when you leave the monastery of the Nazarene, in Tacna Avenue and is carried to the Cathedral of Lima.
ANDINA / Hector Vinces
ANDINA / Hector Vinces

In this first tour, the Black Christ will come to Emancipation Avenue, bend the Chancay and continue to shred by shred Callao, where it will go straight to the Plaza Mayor of Lima.

In the Cathedral, the statue of Christ Morado stay overnight until the next day to start on Sunday 7 October to second processional route on the shoulders of the members of the Nazarene brotherhood.

The Brotherhood General Butler, Jose Soto Parra, asked the faithful that if they will attend the procession accompanied by children and seniors, these are properly identified in order to find them if they get lost.

He said that this time will come some 150 faithful from Bolivia, United States, Brazil, Argentina, among other countries, to take part in the religious ceremonies of the purple month.

This year, we have scheduled six processions. The remaining days will be Thursday 18, Friday 19, Sunday 28 and Thursday, November 1.


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