The Lima-Huancayo tourist train ends the year with his last three o

(Aeronoticias.) - The company Ferrocarril Central Andino (FCCA) announced that prepares the final three outs tourist train to the city of Huancayo, with which close their travel schedule for the year 2012.

The next and last train route Lima-Huancayo-Lima this year, are scheduled for Friday 5th and Saturday October 27 and, finally, his last trip of the year will be on November 17. During December 2012 and March 2013, travel will not be scheduled because the rainy season.

On the trip scheduled for Friday 5, the train will depart at 7 am Desamparados Station (behind the Government Palace), beginning his tour of the Mantaro Valley, where travelers will appreciate, along with the beautiful scenery Andean art and talent deployment of a pair of northern seafaring to make presentations in the gazebo bar car of the train.

As part of the trip, there are three tourist stops in San Bartolomé stations (you can see the stunning turn of the engine), in Matucana (beautiful scenery for photos) and Galley (The highest passenger station in the world). In total, the train 69 passes through tunnels, bridges 58 and 6 zig zags.

The return train from Huancayo Central Station, is scheduled for Saturday October 8 from 7 in the morning.

The ride on the tourist train is comfortable and secure. It has tourist services drive pulman type reclining seats and classic cars for those who prefer the traditional. Also on board is offered food, nurse practitioner, heating, and access to the "bar car viewpoint".


Tourists coming to Huancayo will delight in its main tourist attractions, one of which is in the same city, the Sunday market that offers the public the best craftsmanship in the Mantaro Valley.

One of the cities that keep tourists visit is Concepción. In the surroundings, you will find the Convent of Santa Rosa de Ocopa, where travelers can visit the old colonial cloisters remain intact.

Later, a must see is the people of Ocopa, where you can enjoy a rich Andean Potatoes (or Ocopa), with good head broth and variety of breads, as the area has a reputation for making the best breads Valley.


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