Lima dressed in purple

Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani said that is the greatest gift God has given us.
As each October, returned to Lima purple dress with the procession of the Lord of Miracles, the first of the year, where the route was accompanied by chants of the thousands of faithful who came from the early hours to the church of the Nazarene. Near the image, accompanied the procession sahumadoras about 300 sisters and about 280 singers, who elaborated on the track a huge carpet of flowers in tribute to Christ Pachacamilla.
So, in the midst of a unique worldwide fervor, the image came to Tacna Avenue, then moving down the avenue and the shred Emancipation Chancay, where he was honored by the fellowship of the Lord of Miracles. He continued his tour of the shred Callao, to get straight to the Plaza Mayor of Lima, to the Cathedral, where he spend the night to start his second processional route today.
The greatest gift
For his part, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani said the Lord of Miracles is the greatest gift God gave us. "The Lord of Miracles will leave today with this illusion: 'I see you'. And we will be watching and will come to millions of hearts doing a lot of good, but you need to open our hearts, "he said. He called the Christ of the Telethon Pachacamilla. "I ask a special miracle the Lord for the Telethon, which moves the charity and generosity of people. Touch the hearts of all people humble and who has the resources to help these wonderful children, "he reflected.

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This morning, Cardinal chaired by the National Mass at the Basilica Cathedral of Lima with the presence of the image of the Lord of Miracles, to which he invited the faithful to attend this religious gathering.


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