Harry Potter Mansion attracts tourists to Edinburgh

Harry Potter's Mansion is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is the house where his creator, British, JK Rowling, wrote four books of the saga of the magician

book began as he continued in a series of films and ended in a hundred commercial products of all kinds and even a theme park in Orlando.

Thus, the famous magician becomes the attraction of children and adults who dream of traveling to the park or the best places that inspired the author to create this literary adventure film later.

For those travelers might consider shop around Edinburgh, the capital and second largest city in Scotland. Therein lies the Mansion of Harry Potter. Want to know?

This is the house where J.K. Rowling wrote at least four books of the successful saga of the boy wizard. It is a nineteenth century mansion in the suburb of Merchiston, southwest of the Scottish capital. It has eight bedrooms and several gardens.

It has two centuries of history and still in good condition several cornices and fireplaces of the era in which it was built.

In addition, the gardens have two cabins in two trees 12 meters high, built for his two young children, with a spiral staircase and a secret tunnel.

The bad news (or good?) Is that the author just to sell the house at a price of 2.8 million euros.


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