Activities for the anniversary of the Naval Battle of Angamos and N

'Tomorrow will be civic-military parade

Everyone is becoming ready for tomorrow perform the civic-military parade around the plaza in Miguel Grau Punchana, to commemorate the anniversary of Battle of Angamos and Navy of Peru.

Therefore, yesterday morning rehearsal was held in the square of Punchana Grau, with the presence of all the battalions of the Navy and the Naval Lyceum school, and even attending physicians, nurses and administrative staff clinical staff Sima naval and Iquitos.


The ceremony is planned attendance of local and regional authorities as well as counselors and rulers of the various municipalities to honor the statue of the national hero Miguel Grau Seminario.


It is known that after the ceremony and civic military parade, officials and other guests will be transferred to the base clavero to attend the meeting with the high military command of both the Navy and Army, PAF and police.


For today at 12 noon in the longhouse of the municipality of Maynas will be conducting the formal session, October 09 will be the musical retreat. By 15 October from 10:00 to 10:30 am will make family visits and the general public to the traveling exhibition about the Navy of Peru in the Amazon. Finally on October 16 will be the responsibility of canoes in the Fish and Game Club Bellavista Nanay. (G.Ross)


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