Meet the spectacular stone forest in Cajamarca Cumbemayo

This city is the perfect destination for travelers looking to get away from the big cities. The stone forest Cumbemayo is one of its attractions.

Cajamarca. Is an Andean city Cajamarca in northern Peru, capital of the Department and of the province of Cajamarca, located at 2720 m on the eastern slopes of the Andes, in the northern highlands of the country.

The climate is mild, dry and sunny in the day and cold at night. Rainfall is December to March and are presented with El Niño in cycles, which is a weather phenomenon in the tropical northern Peru.

"Cajamarca" is known for its colonial architecture and baroque, the city reflects the Spanish influence in the architecture of the Cathedral, the churches of San Francisco , Bethlehem and Recoleta, and two-story houses and gabled roof.

Also is the archaeological complex Cumbemayo remnant of ceremonial altars and pre-Inca aqueducts and the province of San Pablo, the ceremonial complex Kuntur also pre Inca, several plazas and platforms supported by stone walls large.


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