Potential Arab investment in hotels in Huaraz luxury tourism boost

The eventual Arab capital investment in the construction of hotels in the city of Huaraz, capital of Ancash, boost tourist arrivals of class "A" to this northern region, said a regional authority.

"The Arabs have shown interest in investing in hotels and they are experts on that topic. In this context, Huaraz has spaces for the construction of such property, give them all the facilities, "said regional president ancashino, César Álvarez.

Speaking to Andina Áncash noted that visitors make tourism class "B" and "C" and backpackers. "We have luxury tourists (high purchasing power)," he said.

"Therefore, to promote tourist arrivals with greater purchasing power, which affects economic growth, we frown Arab capital investment in five-star hotels," he said.

The regional authority, who was a guest at the Third Summit of Heads of State and Government of South American and Arab Countries (ASPA), said Áncash being accommodated in the third most visited tourist destination thanks to the new roads that executed.

"But we have problems with some tourists requirements and special delegations, because we lack five-star accommodations and better level," he said.

Huaraz, located just over 400 kilometers north of Lima, is an obligatory destination for tourists who want to practice adventure sports like mountaineering and snowboarding, among others.

The region offers a wide range of tourist attractions like the Llanganuco gorge formed by two beautiful lakes situated at 3,800 meters above sea level.

One of the lagoons, Chinancocha called, is the most visited by tourists, because their waters have a turquoise green color and is situated on the slopes of Huascaran.

It also highlights the archeological complex of Chavin Huantar, in the province of Huari, considered one of the most representative ceremonial centers of the country.

The Chavin culture settled between 1,200 and 200 BC, leaving behind the stunning Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985.

They are joined by the attractions of the towns that make up the alley of Huaylas and Conchucos Valley, as Recuay Ticapampa and Cátac.

Alvarez added that agribusiness through Chinecas Special Project, and fishing also stand among the main items that Áncash has to attract Arab capital investment.


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