About 130,000 tourists visited Royal Tombs of Lambayeque to Septemb

A total of 129.756 tourists from home and abroad, visited during the first nine months of this year, the Royal Tombs, located in the northern department of Lambayeque, reports said.

The director of the cultural center, Walter Alva, specified that 114 of that total, 216 were foreign nationals and 15.540.

Domestic visitors came from Arequipa, Cusco, Ica, La Libertad, Lima, Tumbes, Cajamarca, Ayacucho, Junín, Tacna and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, foreigners, mainly from Italy, USA, France, Spain, Holland, Ukraine, Korea, Africa and Germany.

"Tourists were attracted by the rich archaeological and historic cultural center that keeps this" he said.

He untied the discovery of the tomb of the Lord of Sipan was one of the most important findings and special recently compared by experts with the findings of the Pharaoh of Egypt Tutankhamun.

"The pieces were found showing the advanced skills that the Moche were working metals. At the site were found approximately 451 items, including ornaments, headdresses, clothing and gifts surrounding the sovereign remains on display in this museum, "he said.

The researcher said that in order to provide better service to users on this long holiday, the museum management ordered that meets Mondays from 09:00 am until noon.

This in order to allow families to appreciate the attractions museográficos as ornaments of rank and command of the Lord of Sipan also know the splendor of the Mochica culture and what were their customs.

Also appreciate the lab, growing areas and villages where they can find Mochica ceramic crafts and Moche iconography.

An estimated 4,000 tourists visit this long holiday one of the top 10 museums in America, which displays the history of the Moche culture, which developed in the vast and extensive valley more than 1,700 years ago.

The Lord of Sipan Moche civilization reigned circa 200 AD

The Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum was inaugurated on November 8, 2002, so be prepared several activities to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its opening in coordination with various public and private institutions.


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