With payment to land and festival held in Caral research

The first event will take place the evening of October 26 and will include a pilgrimage to Mount Hinge, in the province of Barranca.

Barranca. From that point will be fully illuminated the archaeological site. The traditional offering to the earth symbolizes gratitude for goods and gifts received during the year and through it also requests renewal of energies for the coming year.

The ceremony will guide a shaman, who is accompanied by music and dance, and will be open to residents and authorities.

A day after will be the official tour to the holy city and will present research advances of the last year will be held on Caral also Raymi, a cultural festival, a food festival and a Expoferia with handicrafts and agricultural products.

The audience will see pictures of the folklore of the coast, highlands and jungle, interpreted by artists Supe population and workers Caral Archaeological Zone (HAZ).

For these celebrations, the ZAC has prepared special programs including relocation services from Lima and food, as well as at the site overnight.

The programs are at the website or by e said the HAZ in a press release.

The archaeological complex, located 182 kilometers north of Lima, has 66 hectares and comprises pyramids up to 30 meters high, temples, residential areas, parks and a large area of geoglyphs.


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