Chavín: Tourism Ancash

Chavin surprises with new findings and the implementation of the Conservation and Restoration archaeologists led by Luis Lumbreras and John Rick. The idea is to position this archaeological again as top destination in Peru, according to new strategies for the benefit of the surrounding communities and the Peruvian tourism in general.

I recently discovered amazed. If previously thought that this monument had been built at various times, now, new studies shed light to see, rather, that there were several stages of construction, but in a single time period.

Chavín was a ceremonial center of great importance in this part of the Andes. In its heyday it attracted pilgrims from all directions. There astounding underground galleries, made ​​to hit. Of all these, the sandeel gallery, where land is embedded into the Lanzon Monolithic called a huge "knife" of granite whose surface is carved with various representations anthropozoomorphic. Its prominent location indicates a special service within the Chavin religious pantheon. Outside, in one of his great walls, still watching, to the astonishment of the visitor, a stony head nails.

Ancash is synonymous with admiration, not only for the spectacular scenery, but also for the warmth of its people, delicious cuisine and stunning architectural vestiges. For some time, any excuse is good to enjoy this wonderful corner Andes.


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