Promote watching Nazca lines and geoglyphs from viewpoints

The viewpoints have been installed on the Panamericana Sur and there will be the need to fly over the pampas of Jumana to watch.

Ica. This was said Elizabeth Scarpati, president of the Chamber of Tourism of the Ica province, adding that this is a great option for people who are afraid to board a plane.

From the lookout you can see more than 15 designs, told Andina news agency citing that the service was always operating, but unfortunately lack dissemination regard.

Touring the American South, which crosses the archaeological site, visitors will appreciate several straight lines.

Since the metal tower known as El Mirador are clearly observed two of the famous figures: the hands and the tree. Besides these geometric designs are displayed and many lines crossing the desert.

On reaching the natural viewpoint Hill, you can see many straight lines. Scarpati remarked that is bound to restore the flow of tourists, which was reduced as a result of accidents arising with the planes that fly over the lines and geoglyphs.

On behalf of the Chamber of Tourism Nasca handling, Scarpati apologized to all the families who lost loved ones when they rushed to ground the planes flying over nasquenses lines.

Finally, the official said he has prepared packages with introductory prices affordable for all budgets.


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