In celebration "Caral Raymi" celebrate the discovery of Caral

The archaeological held on Saturday 27 with a big party, the first 18 years of research and enhancement of the Holy City.

Lima. Actually, the party will start on Friday 26 with a ceremonial offering to the earth and the Pachamama, followed by a tour of the pyramidal buildings, which are the most important legacy of the Caral civilization.

Hinge on the hill will be an allowance and shaman, yatiri or cloth, which possesses supernatural powers and communication with the spirit world, will lead the ceremony in which magic appreciate the apus (mountains) and Pachamama (Mother Earth ) by the profits made over the past year, it starts a new cycle and ask for the renewal of energy and success in all aspects of life of the participants.

The meeting will campfire, musicians, dances and camp. The main day will meet in the Sacred City of Caral traders, artisans and producers. The people come from Barranca, Carquin, White Cross, Huacho, Huaura =, = Paramonga, Pativilca, Santa Maria, Sayan, Supe, Supe Puerto and Végueta.

The purpose is to remember, along with their authorities, the Andean Katu, recreation is a big market where caralinos marine and agricultural products traded and interacted their experiences, traditions and customs.

There will also be a food fair, presenting various folk arts and prints, and the award ceremony for the best participants in the cultural month in which the parade was "Carnival for a meeting with our past and present" in Canyon and a marathon of 15 kilometers between Caral Supe and called "on the roads of Caral".

This Friday will be held on Rural Tourism Workshop II "promoting tourism in my Land" and will be held on Sunday 21 II Model Contest and Sculpture "Recreating the Cultural System: Social Constructivism and the Primal Caral Civilization" .

The ZAC has prepared special programs including relocation services from Lima and food, as well as at the site overnight. The programs are at the website or by e

The Caral archaeological complex, located 182 kilometers north of Lima, has 66 hectares and comprises pyramids up to 30 meters high, temples, residential areas, parks and a large area of ​​geoglyphs.


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