Agreement is signed for tourism development in Andean Baroque Route

The Convention Andean Baroque Route Andahuaylillas-
Huaro-Canincunca Cusco-Peru, sponsored by the Society of Jesus, is to be carried out
thanks to the commitment of 7 institutions, which cooperate in the development of tourism
territory using their abilities. Quantitative research embodied in the book "A
future destination ", show the potential to be a Andahuaylillas and its surroundings in a
sustainable tourist destination.

Andahuaylillas hometown colonial located 40km from the city of Cusco, has a flow
Moderate tourists, mainly foreigners, who visit the temple for a few minutes in his
departing traffic to the city of Puno, Puno and post route to Cusco. This tourism
step does not generate much revenue and not get to know the neighbors Huaro districts,
where stand the Church of San Juan Bautista and Canincunca Chapel with its
natural and living culture.

The purpose of the Agreement is to establish a framework of coordination between the parties
allows the efficient use of resources and capabilities of each of them, sharing between
all specific projects, transferring knowledge and experience with each other, and
leverage new economic resources in order to promote sustainable tourism development
and tidy around the value of cultural and monumental temples of St. Peter the Apostle
Andahuaylillas, San Juan Bautista de Huaro and the Chapel of the Virgin of Candelaria
Canincunca, under the name of "Andean Baroque Route Andahuaylillas-Huaro-
Canincunca Cusco-Peru. "

The agreement involved parishes Huaro Andahuaylillas and Company
of Jesus SEMPA Association, responsible for the administration of the Road, the Center
Jesus Obrero (Ccaijo) Andahuaylillas, the Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, the World
Monuments Fund and the Backus Foundation.

Regard Cantuarias Felipe, VP of Planning and Corporate Affairs
Backus said: "Preserve the cultural and monumental temples, keep the
natural landscape, rescuing the cultural and local identity, and create opportunities
community development, are essential conditions to promote
sustainable tourism development and orderly and, for this, is to establish partnerships as
we have committed to achieve institutions ".

The main purpose of institutions is to continue the enhancement of the temples of
San Pedro Apostle Andahuaylillas, San Juan Bautista de Huaro and Lady Chapel
Canincunca of Candelaria, as first-rate attractions. And bring to
Net employment development in the districts through consolidation capabilities
population to provide excellent services to tourism.

"I believe this agreement is the result of the commitment and dedication that we have been demonstrating
over many years, each is contributing to what you do best. Share
a vision of seeing Andean Baroque Route as a tourist destination that is engine
development and improved quality of life for those living in the region, and I'm sure
together we can achieve better results, "said Marcela Perez de Cuellar, President of
World Monuments Fund Peru.

Book "A Destination with Future"

The book "A Destination with Future: Contributions to sustainable development of tourism in
Andahuaylillas Cusco "by Elias Mujica Barreda, John Arapovic Doko and Elmer Neighbourhood
Gallardo Mendoza, shows the potential and its surroundings as Andahuaylillas
a tourist product of the first magnitude, and sets the tone to make it a destination
sustainable tourism.

It conducted two quantitative studies on tourism in Andahuaylillas. The first
refers to the potential market and positioning as a destination Andahuaylillas perceptual
tourism and second, analyzed levels of visitor satisfaction and experience
with destiny. From each plotted studies and development strategies
Route marketing and Andean Baroque thematic and territorial variants.


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