Modern boardwalk built to attract tourists to Puerto Eten

It will invest S /. 6 million, to be financed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, through Copesco plan, and the local municipality.

Lambayeque. Construction would begin in the first quarter of 2013, after the completion Copesco plan with the development of the design and bidding convene said Mayor Jaime Contreras.

He said that the work will include areas for restaurants and craft sales. "It will create jobs with a very attractive and functional seawall," he told Andina.

He also mentioned that the place will look completely illuminated, and will feature benches, parks and recreation areas with playgrounds.

Contreras also noted that December 19 begins the summer season in Puerto Eten with the celebration of the anniversary of creation of this northern town policy.

He said that the water and beach sand of this busy lambayecana are in top condition for visitors tranquility and chemical toilets will be placed to keep the place in sanitation.


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