Mincetur Andahuaylillas proposed as a new option in the Cusco touri

Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) Andahuaylillas joined as new program model village "of my land, a product" and thus seeks to place the district in the tourist circuit in the department of Cusco.

Andahuaylillas is a district located in the Province of Quispicanchi north of the city of Cusco and has in the Temple of San Pedro Apostle most attractive.

"This temple attracts the interest of foreign and domestic tourists and is undoubtedly the flagship product of the town and the main motivation why keep coming important flows of visitors of this town on their way to Puno or vice versa," said Minister Foreign Trade and Tourism, José Luis Silva Martinot.

Andahuaylillas is expected to become an interesting and novel option incorporating the majesty of the Temple some other facilities to promote services and products that enhance the tourism experience in the village.

Silva Martinot said it has initiated the development of a project profile to establish a lighting system for streets and public spaces, which can be accessed Andahuaylillas night using renewable energy or energy saving systems.

The "From my Earth, a product" allows the construction of production facilities and tourist facilitation. Also provide training geared to tourism service providers, technical assistance for the improvement of local products, manufacturing, design and business to connect beneficiaries with the national and international market.


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