Eco Truly Park: spiritual and ecological alternative north of Lima

The Eco Truly Park, at Km 63 of the Panamericana Norte, at the height of variant Pasamayo, is South America's largest farm so far built by communities Krishnas. Their peculiar Trulys, constructions based cone shapes clay and organic waste, invite visitors to feel part of nature and the universe contact.

"The Trulys are a natural way of living in the world that are not square things. The earth is round and rotates circularly around the Sun, the seasons change atoms are spinning ... spinning, even our blood circulates through the body into our hearts, "says Krishna monk. "These are buildings where the energy is going to move and will try to abstract from our mind become grid as normal homes, such as books or television we are used to seeing."

The Krishnas try to abstract from everything you do damage to nature and practice philosophy of universal love and respect for everything that exists on the planet. Collect a bit of all religions of the world and seek contact with their spirits, ay serve worshiping the gods or creators of the universe, leading a lifestyle that does not harm anything or anyone in the world. They are in constant pilgrimage, trying to accomplish the task of establishing more communities like this around the world and following the teachings of their spiritual teachers. Everything on the farm is done organically, from the way you eat, grow, do the chores, and even how to go to the bathroom.

It is a perfect place to meditate, practice yoga, eat healthy and learn more about this religion or lifestyle. In the place offers accommodation and vegetarian meals. If you want a different weekend and, why not adopt a different way of life to which you are accustomed, visit this park amid Chacra y Mar beach in Aucallama district, north of the capital.


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