Be sure to meet the Ucayali and waterfall Bridal Veil

This department is populated by various indigenous ethnic group Pano, as the Shipibo, and Arawak group.

Comprises entirely territories covered by the Amazon rainforest, mainly the Amazon. Is named after the main river that crosses more from south to north: the Ucayali River.

The first is the province of Padre Abad, name given in honor of the missionary who explored it. Its capital, has one of the Aguaytia longest bridges, if not the longest in the country and across the river of the same name, one of the main tributaries of the great Ucayali.

Geographically famous for Boquerón Padre Abad, cataract "bride's veil", the Blue Mountains, the divide and best seen when going by road from Tingo Maria.

Then we have the lush province of Coronel Portillo with its capital Pucallpa (red earth) who is also the department. This city was founded in 1840 as a Franciscan missionary center and since then has continued to grow, develop and beautify.


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