Mincetur launches campaign to promote travel culture and increase d

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) and the Commission for the Promotion of Peru Export and Tourism (PromPeru) today launched the campaign "And what are you plans? in order to promote the culture of travel among Peruvians, increase domestic tourism and diversify the existing tourism.
ANDINA / Juan Carlos Guzmán
ANDINA / Juan Carlos Guzmán

Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, José Luis Silva, said the campaign aims to create the habit of Peruvians trip which is expected to reach the goal of domestic tourism growth expected by 2015 and consolidate tourism as a major generator employment and foreign exchange.

"It is an umbrella campaign that will join the efforts in various parts of the country. Many Peruvians traveling outside but also need to know the country. We believe this campaign invigorate tourism and help the Peruvians we know and understand us better, "he said.

He stressed that the campaign is valid for three years and will have a platform where web find Peruvians week throughout the year, in addition to information from different destinations.

The first class will be "The Heartbeat of the North" to promote travel Tumbes, Amazonas, Cajamarca, La Libertad, Lambayeque, Loreto, Piura and San Martin, with travel promotions of up to 50 percent off and can be found at existing website from 9 to 15 November this year.

More than 80 private companies including hotels, tour operators and transport companies involved in the first campaign reflecting the high expectations of the regional private sector in this initiative.

Silva said that within the campaign promotions to be made throughout the year promoting that Peruvians use their free time to travel to different destinations within Peru

"This week will be different regions and at different times looking to make the weekend a travel opportunity," he said.

The campaign plans What about you? has a strategy generating means 360 which includes a television spot, radio spots, advertising outdoors and indoors, in print and online media, advertising pieces that follow a creative resource in movie format.


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