Cable car over the Apurimac canyon to access Choquequirao generate

The imposing Apurimac canyon on which to build a cable car system to access the Choquequirao archaeological park will be a tourist boom in southern Peru, said the regional president apurimeño, Elias Ruiz Segovia.
Apurimac PERU-NOVEMBER 02. Apurímac Regional President, Elias Segovia, along with three ministers, in Choquequirao.
Apurimac PERU-NOVEMBER 02. Apurímac Regional President, Elias Segovia, along with three ministers, in Choquequirao.
March 1

He said the Apurimac canyon is not complementary to the ruins of Choquequirao but becomes the main attraction.

"Just go through the canyon and is a unique and is a tourist boom," said the helicopter to descend accompanied by the three ministers to visit the area where the construction of the cable car.

The regional authority over the area, limit Apurimac and Cusco, with the ministers of Foreign Trade and Tourism, José Luis Silva, the Environment, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Culture, Luis Peirano, who pledged to support the project to start implementation as soon as possible.

Officials signed the Act of Choquequirao, ratifying the Central Government's political will to support the bi-regional project Apurimac and Cusco.

"We have the support of the ministers and their enthusiasm for this work is done as quickly as possible. We have achieved the signatures of the three ministers in a paper for the cable car into reality. It is a historic day and the birth of this project ", said by the Regional Director of Culture of Cusco, David Ugarte.

He recalled that at first signed a cooperation framework agreement with the regional government agency in Cusco for the project to be bi and said that now it has reached the executive level.

The aforementioned ministers, he added, gave its approval to materialize so that the cable car, the first in the country.

Ruiz Segovia said the project is in the feasibility study stage and that President Ollanta Humala is aware of its existence.

He said the villagers will be trained to provide quality service to tourists who come to the area once the cable car and also run additional works such as roads asphalting Huanipaca abanquinos districts and San Pedro de Cachora .

Also run basic sanitation projects, conditioning to Choquequirao, among other works.

Through this ambitious project, involving the province of Cusco and Convention Huanipaca districts and San Pedro de Cachora in Apurimac, will help to consolidate a greater influx of tourists in the tourist corridor south.

"Those who sign this document express a commitment to protecting our heritage and support the development process, creating a responsible and sustainable tourism protected by Law No. 29,899, which declares of national interest the enhancement of the archaeological monument of Choquequirao and accesses Cusco and Apurimac, "relates an extract of the minutes.


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