Caral, an ancient wonder

Caral, located 206 kilometers north of Lima, has an age of 5,000 years, making it contemporary civilizations like the Mesopotamian or Egyptian. It is the most important settlement of the 18 identified along the lower and middle valley of Supe. It was the core forming statewide north-central Peru. The partnership lasted about 1,000 years and was a focus of expansion of knowledge for subsequent cultures that developed in Peru and other Andean countries.

In Caral are two areas. One was for the elite and it can be observed pyramidal structures, sunken circular plazas, public spaces and residences congregation of the nobility and officers of the company. The other is the peripheral zone, where numerous homes were pooled. Its economy was agropesquera and introduced the development of mesh made ​​from cotton fishing for anchovies, their food because of their size, and easy to fish for dehydration. This civilization was not found ceramics. According to the archaeologist and anthropologist Ruth Shady, is shown that this is not an indicator for a society to exist.

"The indicators are organized life of civilization, with authorities, with regulations, with surplus production, with specialists covering different activity, production of knowledge in science and technology," says the researcher.


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