Work begins to convert Pómac sanctuary in Lambayeque tourism produc

With an investment of around five million soles work will start to improve services in the historic sanctuary Pomac Forest, Lambayeque, to make 2013 a tourism product in the region.
ANDINA / Dissemination
ANDINA / Dissemination

Elera Carlos Arevalo, director of the Executive Unit No. 005 Naylamp-Lambayeque, said the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, through Copesco Plan, funds implementation of the initiative.
He said the project includes improving trails, signage, paths of nature and culture, the interpretive center of the Ministry of Environment and the basis for the development of the Route of the Ancients.

"The regional management of Foreign Trade and Tourism is coordinating with all the actors that have to do with the theme of nature and culture," he added.

He stressed that, as a counterpart of the project implementation unit will contribute through research, so that the results are the most important inputs for the interpretation of the site and its surroundings.

"Research is very important, because it gives the tourist product lambayecano originality. We can not Disneyland but a revaluation, through research inputs, all with regard to the proper interpretation of what is the nature and understand how the people who inhabited an area. That way we can talk about a product with an identity that few areas have, "he said.

Meanwhile, the regional manager of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Dante Diaz, said today it is making the bidding process for the selected contractor after launch tender related to infrastructure works such as access, signage, among others.

He said that the initiative also includes training and awareness campaigns aimed at rural communities living in the buffer zone of the forest.

"They will be trained in providing tourist services, such as the development of community-based tourism, experiential tourism. There are already several different institutions develop activities in Pómac but this project will consolidate, "he said.

He stressed that the Pomac Forest begins to constitute a major tourist attraction in Lambayeque not only by the party but by archaeological nature tourism and experiential offering communities.

The Pómac Forest Historical Sanctuary covers an area of ​​5887.38 hectares protected nature in the province of Lambayeque Ferreñafe.


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