Options for a weekend trip north

This is a representative sample of the country's central hills. Most of the wildlife that is here only exists in this area northwest of the city of Huaral. Its 5,070 hectares sight delight us with beautiful scenery. Tourism in the hills usually occurs between August and November, when given the germination of vegetation and different flowers.

There are two clear seasons: the time when everything is green and the dry season. While tourists find attractive the winter season, you can also make other types of tourism in the hills, and archaeological tourism (vestiges of cultures Chancay, Moche, Chimu, etc.), an assessment of tourism paintings, geological formations, which are not easy to perform them in the wet season.

In the place serves food and restrooms. There are also areas for camping and grill. It is ideal for those who like trekking. All this at km 105 of the Panamericana Norte.


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