The world's tallest museum will be built in Cerro de Pasco

The region will have a museum Pasco, 4,380 meters above sea level, which would be the highest in the world and show the history of mining in the central highlands of the country, in order to boost tourism, reported a local authority.

Rodolfo Rojas, regional director of Foreign Trade and Tourism, said that this is a project that is expected in the sector edify José Carlos Mariátegui, in the town of Cerro de Pasco, capital of the region.

"This museum will be exhibited mineralogical minerals of Peru, simulation will have a gallery of work in a mine, a gift shop and possibly a research center," he told Andina.

Cerro de Pasco was from early colonial Spanish attraction for the place since mineral deposits found. He continues the open pit mining and in 1639 was awarded the Cerro de Pasco title "Royal City of Mines".


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