Chan Chan is seen through three-dimensional virtual tour

The archaeological complex can be seen through a three-dimensional journey, thanks to a special map that a group of Italian experts will culminate in 2014.

Freedom. Gayoso Henry Paredes, director of special projects Chan Chan explained that the map shows a panoramic view of the entire monument, including restricted areas.

"Chan Chan is too large to cross it on foot, so the experts propose a virtual tour with 360-degree panoramic images," the official said.

This work began in 2007 with the registration of the traverse of the intangible and buffer zone, and the geographic location of the different sets walled and its approaches.

For this purpose we used 3D scanning, surveying and aerial photography and satellite, with which, according Gayoso, run actions that avoid urban sprawl in the monument and build a geographic information system.

He said that the information will also serve to develop archaeological research and a program of architectural plans detailing sets walled neighborhoods, elite residences, huacas, deposits, among other areas of Chan Chan.

In recent months, the Istituto per le specialists Tecnologie Applicate Ai Beni Culturali work culminate in the palace Rivero. In 2013 addressed other sets. At project completion, the maps will be officially handed over to the Ministry of Culture.

His presence was achieved through the agreement called Operation Intervention Conservation Chan Chan archaeological complex and Territory, signed between the Italian Missione in Peru, the Commission on Science and Technology (Concytec) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy.


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