Humala to UNESCO highlights the cultural importance of the Inca Tra

President Ollanta Humala took advantage of his stay in France to meet with the Director General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, and publicly support the initiative of Peru and six other South American countries to declare the Qhapaq Ñan (Inca Trail) as world heritage.

Bokova commended the project they have undertaken Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador, countries spanning network of Inca Trail, calling it a reliable sample of the effort of cooperation and understanding among the countries involved. Also specified that the candidacy of Qhapaq Nan, a building that considers personal capacity as world heritage, will be analyzed until next year.

In turn, the Peruvian president highlighted the historical value of the extensive network of roads built during the Inca period, meaning an effort to unite distant parts of the continent, both in the cultural and commercial as.

He said that effort should be moved to the present, with the Inca Trail the symbol of a regional integration process in Latin America, to boost the flow of values ​​such as tolerance and culture.


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