The restaurants that you must visit when you go to Trujillo

Trujillo is distinguished not only by its surrounding archaeological sites, friendly people and always cloudy sky. It is also home to a powerful food. But what are the restaurants that you can not miss when visiting the city? The Aldo Trujillo Tenorio, one of the most renowned chefs, it gives us his recommendations.

Tenorio indicates, in conversation with, in the district of Moche multiple restaurants are located. Among them, mention the Mochica, local traditional food which was opened over 40 years ago and where seafood promise seduce the most discerning diners.

Also, the chef recommends going to Aunt Lola, a Moche huarique also located. "The food is very good for being very fresh. Fish is too cool, that's the basics, "said Tenorio. In the place they prepare dishes using traditional local inputs such as moche pepper.

The cook also mentions the Chelsea, where he says, serves traditional dishes and stews overnight "more gourmet." Also advised to visit Tenorio Big Ben, located in Huanchaco.

Naturally, Trujillo also mentioned in the list at his own restaurant, juice and sea, where the chef tries to present seafood with a twist.


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