Do not like to travel by plane? Tips for managing anxiety

Fear of flying is a problem that affects thousands of people around the world. And just thinking about all those people who are increasingly having to deal with an aircraft or postponed year after year these dream vacation just because of not confront his phobia, Budget Travel has prepared a list of suggestions that will make passengers have the weapons to successfully overcome the nightmare of dealing with a handful of flight hours.

The first thing to make a person who is afraid of flying, says the article, is to determine what is causing this fear (eg to turbulence or enclosed spaces, etc.).

Figure also suggests turbulence forecasts and know why they occur, factors such as air bags, clouds or air currents, because the more you know the passenger on the subject, the less afraid they will have.

Another point to consider is to raise expectations and hopes about our next destination. In this regard, we would recommend photos or images on the city to be visited. An alternative is to imagine where passengers feel comfortable and safe.

It is important to be very careful about what you eat or drink during the flight. And is that coffee or alcoholic beverages can cause the rider has trouble adapting to rest or airplane. That is why we suggest taking juice and eat light foods.

Finally, we would recommend a book for the trip, talking to other passengers to tell them about your little taste of flying, looking comfortable and relaxed position or practice breathing exercises.


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