surf on Lake Titicaca to four thousand feet

Most travelers who come to visit the island Taquile Puno, a pioneer in rural tourism initiatives and recognized for the quality of their fabrics, considered by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. But none but the Peruvian Alfredo Miró Quesada, Maura Diego, Jose Gaviria, and Jürgen Cesti Spihlmann, and Argentine Javier Filgueira, have traveled the 14 miles between the coast and the island of weavers in sailboats, paddle surfing and windsurfing .

During four hours, at 3,850 meters above sea level and with a water temperature around 10 ° C, these specialists in adventure sports has sailed the waters of Titicaca, from the peninsula of Chicuito and Lake Maggiore, before to reach the beaches of the island Taquile.

This initiative was organized by the boutique hotel Titilaka, located next to the community of the same name 45 kilometers from Puno. The hotel aims to design various activities that enrich the tourist experience of the traveler reaches the Altiplano, incorporating therein the personality of Titicaca, ie, their water, wind, the islands that are part of it, and its biodiversity. In addition, after the success of this initiative, the hotel wants to position the lake as a destination for adventure, bringing different specialists annually worldwide in activities concerning the wind and water.


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