Arequipa: hidden beaches to disconnect from the world

Arequipa Peru is the region that has the largest coastline and, nevertheless, is not recognized as a beach destination. Perhaps this is because many of its inlets, as the creek San Jose, are located in wild scenarios, which can only be reached by sea. And therein lies its special charm: has coves and beaches inhabited only by birds, nestled in natural landscapes that seem frozen in time, where we can disconnect seriously. No TV, no phone here just need some good shoes, a swimsuit and enjoy the sun.

Every beach we got is a discovery, we feel that we are the first humans to step on it. At every turn we find that every cove, every island and every part of this coast has a story to tell: iron anchors that weigh tons abandoned in the desert, fig trees planted by the first Spanish who came to this land and stories of pirates and hidden treasures.


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