This culminates Sunday XXXIII Ica Tourism Week

With food festivals, parades and tours Ica population and tourists celebrated with great fanfare the Tourism Week XXXIII Ica, in southern Iraq, which ends this Sunday, reported the Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Dircetur).

Guiller huachua responsible for the Public Relations office of the Dircetur Ica, said the event, whose organization joins efforts of public and private entities, began on November 24 with an exhibition sport in the resort of Huacachina.

"We had a large influx of visitors, who enjoyed a drawer contest, there was the traditional treading of grapes and attended a culinary trail, which allowed them to meet the wide range of dishes that have the region", he said.

According to the schedule, activities organized by the Dircetur this Friday will be held the national competition creative cocktail with pisco, which seeks to spread the Peruvian flag drink.


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