Festival Taste of Peru in Miami, preparing his best his saucer

Days ago the festival was held Taste of Peru in Miami, an event that brought together hundreds of diners who tried Peruvian delights of our food and where entertained quinoa.

This was undertaken in a contest that was to prepare original dishes with quinoa.

Here we narrate the preparation atamalada quinoa with clams, which was invented by Christian Encalada, Divino Ceviche chef, who was it that won this encounter flavor.

First, boil the quinoa in fish broth for 12 minutes. Then it's on to brew. Then fry garlic, onion, chili pepper and yellow pepper. And when the dressing is ready, add the quinoa, two tablespoons of fish stock.

It sews for two minutes, until firm to take, add chopped cilantro, salt to taste and to complete the stains trozadas julienne previously passed them by boiling water for 2 seconds.

To serve, put the quinoa in a round mold and Sepone up quail egg and salsa criolla.


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