Puno: Do not miss to visit the lookout admired Puma Uta

Here we developed one of the most important cultures of ancient Peru, culture Tiahuanaco, the maximum expression of the ancient Aymara people.

Puno. Within the national tourism development, the city of Puno is the fourth largest city that receives the flow of foreign tourists after Cusco, Lima and Arequipa.

In 2011 received a total of 298,788 tourists, of which 105,709 were domestic and 193,079 foreign tourists were.

The city of Puno, capital of Peruvian folklore, the bay is in Puno on Lake Titicaca at 3827 meters above sea level, surrounded by hills Machallata, Azoguini, Pirhua Pirhuani and Cancharani.

Mirador Puma Uta
Located in High Puno, at the northern entrance of the city, this viewpoint, Cougar allegory represents the vigilant sentinel and protector of the lagoon city.


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