Arequipa: More than 10,000 people receive Shrimp Festival XII

The activity is organized for several years to promote shrimp consumption and tourism in the city of Aplao.

Arequipa. More than 10,000 people attend the Shrimp Festival XII, pisco and wine which runs through Sunday morning Aplao city, capital of the province of Castilla Arequipa, considered the mayor Héctor Muñoz Cáceres.

The event will take place on the River Majes, where attendees can participate in the capture of shrimp and tasted local gastronomic variety, whose base ingredient this crustacean.

The suck of shrimp, pork and shrimp tortilla shrimp are some of the most popular dishes at the festival, which brings together people from the provinces of Arequipa, Camana and Condesuyos.

The pisco and wine produced in the province of Castilla are also known for their quality, so that will be offered during the festival.

According to Andina news agency said, "Aplao" is four hours away from the city of Arequipa for a nice highway.

City officials said that there is enough tourist infrastructure to accommodate visitors who wish to participate on both days of the festival, and provided security.


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