Chachapoyas: Meet the Gocta waterfall, one of the largest in the wo

If you're tired of the routine of the city and relax enjoying looking unique landscapes, we recommend you visit this waterfall, located in the Amazon region.

Chachapoyas. This weekend escape to Chachapoyas and knows one of the highest waterfalls in Peru and the world, Gocta, with its impressive 771 meters high is the perfect habitat for toucans, monkeys, pumas and cock of the rocks.

This natural wonder is in extensive fog covered forest, around which there are a dozen waterfalls. Here we tell you how to get there:

There are two paths:

The first, from the town of Chachapoyas towards Cocachimba. It can be done by car or van. The route is 21 miles and takes 2 hours.

The second, from Chachapoyas but this time due to the town of Valera, 23 km from the city.

In both cases, the stretch to reach Gocta should always be done on foot and with the help of a tour guide. This walk lasts 2.30 hours.

When compared to the splendor of the falls you can swim and enjoy the beautiful scenery, bonded exotic flowers and songbirds that live only in the Peruvian Amazon.


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