Peru - Bolivia: They make the greatest picture book with Lake Titic

Introduced in Puno Is the magic of water in Lake Titicaca?, Book in which 22 authors from Peru and Bolivia depict life in the highlands.

Puno. "This volume is the result of joint effort by distinguished intellectuals Bolivians and Peruvians who over nearly two years have produced a 400-page document" said Walter Bayly, general manager of Banco Credito del Peru (BCP).

"In the play have summarized the strands of development in the area of the lake, from the stages before the Incas to the still existing customs and festivals," he added.

The book, Thirty-ninth and Art Collection of the Treasures of Peru bank gathers input from historians, geographers, archaeologists, anthropologists, researchers and even culinary artists.

Bayly said the importance of the Titicaca lies in having been the cradle of civilization processes different.

This edition, fed countless photos of customs, holidays, crafts, textiles, architecture, commerce, among other topics, with the participation of notable Peruvian investigators.

Some firms are Juan Flores, Roberto Samanez, Rodolfo Cerron, Marcela Olivas, Elías Mujica, among others.

On the Bolivian side, are Teresa Gisbert, Ramiro Molina, Matti Parssinen, Rita del Solar, Carlos D. Mesa, Ramiro Molina, among others.


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