Ave unprecedented in Peru was discovered at competition sightings

The black swift (Apodidae), a North American migratory bird itself was discovered in Peru during the Birding Rally Challenge, a competition held ornithological sightings in this country, and whose goal is around Machu Picchu.

This was announced today the contest coordinator, Dennis Osorio, which meets in the competition to some of the world's leading experts in ornithology divided into six teams from five countries.

In six days, participants must identify as many birds as possible along a journey that began in the Tambopata Amazon nature reserve and end in the mountainous jungle of Machu Picchu, which covers an area where "live to 700 different species, "said Osorio.

Very similar to a swallow
Specifically this Swift was spotted in Tambopata by the English team, which is led by ornithologist Guy Kirwan, author of over 30 books on birds, and that leads to teams from Spain, United States, Brazil and South Africa.

"It is a migratory bird boreal, looking very similar to a swallow, traveling south when winter begins, but so far there was no record of it within the Peruvian territory," said the coordinator of the competition.

He also recalled that Peru is the second country in the world with the highest biodiversity of birds, only behind Colombia, bringing together more than 1,800 different species among ecosystems whose contrasts ranging from marine and coastal desert, at the height of Ande and lush vegetation of the Amazon.


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