Organized series of documentaries on the Inca Trail

The project Qhapaq Nan Culture Ministry announced the organization documentary cycle "Experiences around Qhapaq Ñan, walking through history" that starts next week.
Scene from the documentary The carriers of Pariacaca.
Scene from the documentary The carriers of Pariacaca.
As explained, the goal is to show the public the importance of Qhapaq Ñan or Great Inca Trail, the road system that linked the Tahuantinsuyo.

The documentaries have been made with the support of the Department of Intangible Heritage Contemporary Culture Ministry, to obtain a record of cultural events linked to the Great Inca Trail and, thus, contribute to the documentation and preservation.

The cycle starts on Monday 10 December with the memory of the Inca, a theatrical documentary based on the capture and death of Atahualpa by Francisco Pizarro, performed during the festivities in the region of Huanuco.

Will be presented on Tuesday, 11 The herdsmen of Pariacaca, documentary about the experiences of the farming community of Tanta, in the province of Yauyos, at the foot of Mount Pariacaca.

On Wednesday 12, the documentary shows Chopcca kaymi Llaqtayku the study of life and traditions of the Chopcca, Huancavelica Quechua ethnicity through their cultural expressions.

On Thursday, 13 will premiere the documentary Dancing birds, which presents the dances of the peoples of Cuemal, Colcamar and St. Thomas, the most significant of Luya province, and its importance as a means of expression of local identity.

The cycle closes on Friday 14 with a screening of the bunch for the child, based on two important dances practiced by Afro-Peruvian populations during the celebrations of Christmas.

The same day will also Q'eswachaka: engineering and Andean tradition, showing the renewal of the suspension bridge Q'eswachaka in Quehue community in Cusco, one of the most spectacular Andean engineering works.

All functions are at 18.30 in the cinema Armando Robles Godoy Ministry of Culture (Av Javier Prado Este 2465, San Borja). Admission is free.


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