U.S. team won birding competition in Machu Picchu

The U.S. team of Louisiana State University, nicknamed the "Tigrisomas" won on Wednesday Birding Rally Challenge, the biggest contest organized birding in South America, to observe a total of 493 species of birds in six days of competition.

The competition brought together six teams from five different countries, which in total spotted 649 species of the 700 who live in an area between the reserve of Tambopata Amazon in the Madre de Dios region, where they started their journey, to the park archaeological and natural of Machu Picchu in Cusco, where it ended.

Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru, Claudia Cornejo, delivered on Wednesday the winners a trophy symbolizing the figure of a black-faced Cotinga (Conioptilon mcilhennyi), one of the most prized birds sighted in the area of Machu Picchu .

The surroundings of the Inca citadel served to decide the winner of a competition set was solved by just three species difference, since the group that came in second was that of the English "Falcons Forest", with 490 species sighted.

Third place went to Americans' e-Birds ", led by the expert in ornithology Tom Schulenberg, who recognized 413 species, while the Brazilians" Ararajuba "identified 396.

Grading the South Africans closed "Zuzulanders" who sighted to 364 different types of birds and the Catalans' Tramuntana Birding Team ", who accused his ignorance of the South American species to stay at 348, despite having the European record of sightings in a single day with 217.

However, all teams showed their joy because they had never made ​​such a long journey, especially the Spanish, as some of its members were able to observe more than 300 species that had never seen in his life.


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